What is Monica Garcia brother-in-law and her affair with him?

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Monica Garcia brother-in-law

Do you know about Monica Garcia brother-in-law? Jared Taylor, identified as Monica’s brother-in-law, is featured as the Division Chief in Weber Fire District across the state of Utah in the United States of America. He earned his degree in Business Administration and Management from Weber State University He also trained at Weber State Law Enforcement Academy in 2019.

What is Monica Garcia brother-in-law?

Jared Taylor is the brother-in-law of Monica Garcia. He is associated with her most prominently as her lover, or more accurately, a former lover with whom she had an 18-month affair which very much changed their lives. Jared Taylor is currently 42 years old and is acting as the Division Chief at Weber Fire District in Utah. Monica Garcia’s Brother-In-Law Exposed as Jared Taylor After 18 Months of Affair: Inside Source Reports That ‘They Were in Love.

Affair with Monica Garcia

Affair with Monica Garcia

The affair between Monica Garcia brother-in-law that is Monica Garcia and Jared Taylor began around 2010-2011. At that time, both were unhappy or frustrated with their respective partners in marriages. Earlier, Jared was married to Monica’s ex-husband Mike Garcia’s sister, by which he was called to be brother-in-law in relation. According to sources, both of them are in love and have future goals and plans together.

Consequences and Revelations

Despite the end of the affair of Monica Garcia brother-in-law, Monica felt guilty and took the next step to tell her family and the Mormon church of the adulterous act. This act of betrayal led the girl to be expelled from the church and isolated from her fellow church members in her very conservative community. Those hours after she spilled the beans, she said were some of the worst in her life, people she met crossed paths with her with unusual discomfort.

In this metaphorical sense, some members of the church were isolated and shunned by their communities, while others like Jared were not. His working career went on, and he advanced through the ranks of employment and became a Division Chief at the Weber Fire District in Utah. Nevertheless, the affair did not harm Jared Taylor’s rank and position in society much.

Impact on Marriage of Monica Garcia

Impact on Marriage of Monica Garcia

This affair affected the marriages of both, Monica and Jared, tremendously. Monica and Mike Garcia separated in a previous marriage in 2013 and while they may have got back together for some time, the couple is back in divorce court in 2023. She talked of the affair after the first time they got a divorce but she has also hinted at other issues on their latest divorce.

Jared’s wife filed for divorce early in October 2014, and their divorce was granted in March 2015. Jared later got a Paysage but his second marriage also ended in a divorce in November of 2022.

Media and Public Reaction

The details of the affair were disclosed by Monica in RHOC season 12 as she narrated from her side. This was like making people understand some details about her which were quite personal including a fact like that she once had breast cancer. Monica was able to spice up the show making it more real, and that elicited considerable media and public interest. In this regard, her story was a lesson on individual interactions and the calamities that may occur as a result of attempts to establish relations with someone.


The affair between Monica Garcia brother-in-law that is Monica Garcia and Jared Taylor was one of the most memorable, dramatic, and scandalous in their lives. It led to Monica’s excommunication from the Mormon church and a lot of personal upheaval for her, while, for Jared, the professional implications were just as professionally disruptive but not nearly as personally painful. Their storyline shows how personal decisions influence family and interpersonal relationships specifically in the light of traditional social values.


Who is Jared Taylor?

Monica Garcia is an actress in ‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ (RHOSLC), and she is the sister of Jared Taylor. Weber Fire District in Utah is headed by a Division Chief who is also the main subject of our study. 

In what way was the relationship between Monica Garcia and Jared Taylor developed?

This was sometime in 2010/2011 when both Monica and Jared were said to be in unhappy marriages. His relationship with Monica was that he was married to Mike Garcia’s sister, and Mike Garcia was Monica’s ex-husband, which also made him her brother-in-law.

How long was the affair ongoing?

Monica Garcia was involved with Jared Taylor in a love affair that only lasted for 18 months.

What happened to Monica Garcia after the affair?

Monica Garcia claimed her freedom after a Mormon church excommunicated her and her family and friends turned their backs on her in their small community. what she felt was truly unimaginable, calling it one of the worst experiences that she had ever gone through, where she was rejected and felt uncomfortable everywhere.

What impact did the affair have on Jared Taylor?

While Monica was socially isolated and punished by having to endure terrible treatment as well as being forced to beg, Jared did not undergo the same level of unfriendly treatment. He remained in the church and moved on with his professional life and he was promoted and served as the Division Chief at the Weber Fire District. While a man’s position at work and in society diminished, he technically did not entirely lose his status within the community.

In what manner did the affair affect their respective marriages?

Maria Monica Garcia, famous as Monica, was married to Mike Garcia but the couple separated in the year 2013 primarily due to the affair. While they were in this union, they got back together for some time but later they again separated in the year 2023 filing for divorce. In October 2014, Taylor’s wife petitioned for divorce in a process that was already in progress.