What Is Shatter? Is It Dangerous To Consume? 

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What Is Shatter

What is Shatter? It is a query that first comes to mind when you hear the word. But is it obnoxious to consume? What does the term mean? Is it illegal? Know Everything in the article below.

What Is Shatter?

Shatter is driven organically from cannabis extract, which is solid in feel and translucent in appearance. Also, it can crack or break in no time. It has a gold or amber colour. The glassy texture has the potential to become potent. It is a drug which has a severe societal impact.

Process Of Making Shatter Using Butane Solvent

Process Of Making Shatter Using Butane Solvent

Shatter, called crack, is extracted from hash oil concentrate and processed. I am using butane solvent to derive the high THC level from the marijuana plant.

Crafting Shatter

A simple yet challenging process produces shatter. Marijuana buds are plucked, soaked and trimmed first. Then, they are immersed in a butane solution to segregate trichrome from the plant. The resultant is then heated to eliminate excess butane and left to rest.

Intricate Process Of Extracting High Potency Thc Concentrates

A small portion of the shatter is taken on a heated surface, and the smoke is inhaled. Some also use vaporizer pens.

Different Types Of Cannabis Shatter

Different Types Of Cannabis Shatter

There are many kinds of shatter with different flavours and potency. Some of them are as follows.

Indica Shatters

Shatter extracted from India has a tranquil and calming quality, which is why it eases problems. Sativa Shatters extracted from sativa are known to have upliftment and energetic qualities. They can provide vital attention, productivity and creative mind power.

Hybrid Shatter 

This is a combination of indica shatter and sativa shatter. Thus, a hybrid Shatter is formed that has both calming and energising qualities.

Dangers Of Shatter Consumption

Dangers Of Shatter Consumption

Shatter is an illegal drug and thus has dangerous effects on the human body. A direct ingestion of it can slam one’s brain. As it is unlawful, consuming it from a local provider can be dangerous, as the possibility of peak content of butane remains high in the manufactured content.

Side Effects Of Shatter

Shatter can have several side effects; excessive consumption of shatter can lead to a decrease in the production of anandamide, which can affect brain functioning and cause severe damage to the nervous system.

Aliments That The Consumption Can Cause

High blood pressure, hysteria, hallucinations, infections such as sinus, bronchitis, sore throat, bloodshot eyes, unfocused attention, weaknesses, weaker immune system, sleep difficulty, lack of coordination, and paranoia.

Detection Of Shatter In A Person

Detection Of Shatter In A Person

The amount of time shatter can be detected in a person depends on various factors like the method of use or consumption and your metabolism report. 

Symptoms Of Shatter Addiction

Shatter is a drug and is very hazardous to the human body. Also, it has the potential to become an addiction. If a person is addicted to this, they can develop withdrawal Symptoms such as anxiety, depression, nervousness, fear, feeling abnormal, excited sometimes, stressed, angry, irritated, and dealing with insomnia (disturbed sleep schedule). 

Treatment Of Shatter Addiction 

There is no proven medication in medical science now, but there are many such practices that can be endured to help and cope with this sedative; there can be detoxification and behaviour therapy that have to have personal attention.

Understanding Shatter Addiction

Understanding Shatter Addiction

Shatter addiction is baffling at a high level; in such cases, the young generation and people suffering from specific tendencies can get addicted quickly. Addictions depend on many attributes, such as : 

Mental Health 

Poor mental condition can be a reason for the addiction. People with devastated mental health tend to become more addicted as they can’t find any other way to let go of their sufferings. 

Easy Access 

The availability of such substances plays a crucial role; thus, easy access to such drugs can multiply the risk of addiction in people. In the United States of America, it’s the most popular yet common issue to date.

Difference Between Shatter And Wax Shatter

Shatter and wax have superficial differences. However, the two have a practical difference, as wax can be easily handled by dabbing and has a soft texture overall. Shatter, a hard textured substance, can break into numerous pieces and are hard to scoop. 


Can You Smoke Shatter Straight? 

Preferably, it can be consumed using the dab method or vape pen. 

What Are Chemicals Used In Shatter? 

Shatter is made of butane.

Is It Shatter Extract Or Concentrate?

It is a form of concentration.

Is Shatter A Dangerous Drug?

Yes, it is an illegal drug that has severe health impacts on the young generation and people who consume it.

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